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Core Values

What are company core values and why are they so important?

Core Values are the source of our passions, they support the company mission and help us determine where to focus our energies.  At Blue Nebula Consulting, our core values are driving the force behind everything we say and do.

Who We Are

1. We incorporate Kaizen 改善 (a Japanese philosophy or practice focusing upon continuous self-improvement) into every fiber of our company culture.

2. We provide and create opportunities to do “Meaningful Work” as defined by three traits:
– Autonomy – The state or condition of having independence or freedom of will, action and destiny.
– Complexity – Characterized by a very involved arrangement and interconnecting of process, people and services/products in a manner that stimulates the use of practical, emotional and creative intelligence to achieve desired results.
– Worthwhile – The tangible connection between effort and reward such as to repay one’s time, excellence in work and dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

3. We ensure customer satisfaction and increased market-share for funeral homes that partner with us by taking full and absolute accountability for pre-need business growth and development.

4. We strive to be a social and economic asset in the communities in which we operate.

5. We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and in a spirit of excellence.


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