A premier pre-need sales, marketing and management company.

About Us

About Us

Blue Nebula Consulting, Inc. is the premier pre-need sales, marketing and management company specializing in increasing marketshare for funeral homes in highly competitive markets. 

Learn About Our Core Values

No one would have blamed Rahsaan Brown if he would not have shown up his second day as a pre-need salesman for a Chicago area cemetery & funeral home combination.  After all, he was almost shot on his way back to the office following his first presentation!  But Brown, always the optimist, wasn’t about to quit.

Instead, the goal oriented Brown took his insatiable appetite for sales knowledge and his strong work ethic and began building the core values of what would become Blue Nebula Consulting, Inc. in 2004.  It didn’t take long for Brown’s systematic approach and unique way of marketing to prove itself.

Teaming with PRECOA (The Pre-need Company of America) in 2005, Brown secured the Calahan Funeral Home in Chicago as Blue Nebula’s first client.  The funeral home’s pre-need sales went from $100K to over $600K in just one year.  Buzz within the industry hit a crescendo the following year when Calahan’s sales exceeded over a million dollars!

Soon, Blue Nebula’s list of partner clients grew as did their process of improving their products and services.  In 2011, they and PRECOA teamed with NGL (National Guardian Life Insurance Company), a respected, century-old insurance company.  Together, they worked at creating some unique proprietary products to add value and better meet family needs for their funeral home partners.

Whether you are looking to secure, defend or advance your market share, we have a customized plan that will produce results effectively and quickly.  Our programs provide everything from a complete marketing analysis to lead generation and our experienced leadership team is here to help you every step of the way.  When your funeral home partners with us, we ensure your complete satisfaction and increased market share.  We take full and absolute accountability for your pre-need business growth and development.  We do it with uncompromising integrity and in a spirit of excellence.  Simply said, this is a program that works.

In the game of chess, once you place your pieces in a position of strength, it doesn’t matter what your opponent does because you’ve already won the game.  Make the first move now and contact Blue Nebula today.  Blue Nebula Consulting…taking simple ideas and creating stellar results!